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  • Thermal baths of Kokonuco
  • Parkland Puracé
  • Silvia
  • The archaeological site of San Agustin and Tierradentro
  • Amazonian foothills in the south of Cauca

Thermal baths of Kokonuco
30 minutes from Popayan. There are two hot springs:
Agua HirviendoSulfur water at high temperatures and cold water Adminsitrado by kokonucos indigenous.
Agua Tibia With average water temperatures.In both there are typical restaurants.

The Puracé Natural Park – 83.000 hectares
It is located in the mountainous region of the Macizo Colombiano where birthing four major rivers of the country: Cauca, Magdalena, Patia and Caquetá. On its way through the mountains give birth large and beautiful waterfalls.
It is part of the kokonuco volcanic chain of 15 volcanoes of which Puracé and Sotará volcano are active, but at rest according to geologists. These volcanic hot springs features provide indigenous territories. A sulfur mine is located on the slopes of the volcano Puracé .

Special attractions
The whole region in which the National Park is rich in volcanoes, mountains Puracé ( 2360-4650 m.s.n.m) rivers , waterfalls, lakes , hot springs, sulfur mine and several species of wildlife. Like the social dynamics of indigenous kokonucos.

Waterfalls La Monja, Bedon, San Antonio, San Nicolas, Pululó, San Juan, Aguas termales, Pilimbalá, La Mina.

Lakes Guarquello, Pedro Pizo, San Juan, La Mina, San Rafael ou Andulbio, Lagunillas..etc

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